Being essentially expository, pastoral, and constructive, Calvinism can define its position in terms of Scripture without any reference to Arminianism, and it does not need to be forever fighting a real or imaginary Arminian to keep itself alive.
Calvinism has no interest in negatives, as such; When Calvinists fight, they fight for positive Evangelical values.
The negative cast on the “five points” is misleading chiefly with regard to the third (limited atonement,or particular redemption), which is often read with stress on the adjective and taken as indicating that Calvinists have a special interest in confining the limits of divine mercy. But in fact the purpose of this phraseology, as we shall see, is to safeguard the central affirmation of the gospel–that Christ is a Redeemer who really does redeem.
Similarly, the denials of an election that is conditional and of a grace that is resistible, are intended to safeguard the positive truth that it is God Who saves.
The real negations are those of Arminianism, which denies that election, redemption,and calling are saving of God. Calvinism negates these negations in order to assert the positive content of the gospel, for the positive purpose of strengthening faith and building up the church.
In other words Calvinism builds and strengthens, where Arminianism weakens tears down.


Why There Is No Revival

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Amidst the dust and smoke of such a state of controversy, which differs among those who profess Christ, lies the point which reckons an endless variety of opinions. The Christian world is still divided in the revelation of truth, surely which is substantiated by enough divine light, the truth of that declaration of our Savior; ” Strait is the gate and narrow the way, that leads to life, and few there be that find it “.
Such it is that injures the spirit to find, as it pertains to their religious affections, those affections are condemn-ed by that truth. It is by the mixture of counterfeit religion with the true, not discerned and distinguished, that the devil has his greatest advantage against the cause and kingdom of Christ.
By this means, principally, has he prevailed against all the reviving’s of religion since the first founding of the Church through history to the present and will continue. Yet shall he continue to prevail?
Shall God bring that light again to dispel that darkness of error. In the light which is revealed in scripture so it is understood that the counterfeit comes with truth, and then there seems none to comfort. The warnings of Christ are sufficient to those who heed them.
So shall Satan go on with mankind as he began with them. Pretending to be a friend to their state of paradise and to advance it to a higher degree.This same cunning serpent that beguiled Eve continues to beguile us as he subtly perverts the simplicity that is in Christ. And just as suddenly, that fair prospect of revival, has been cast off from us.
In defense of the FAITH, one must be aware of not only the opposition that they find ahead of them, but that which comes from behind. That which so freely stabs unseen, and has opportunity to give a home stroke, and wound deeper. This because he strikes at his leisure and pleasure being obstructed by no guard or resistance………..And so it will ever be likely in the church, whenever religion revives remarkably, until we have learned to distinguish between true and false religion.

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