Out Today To Build Up The Church

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Being essentially expository, pastoral, and constructive, Calvinism can define its position in terms of Scripture without any reference to Arminianism, and it does not need to be forever fighting a real or imaginary Arminian to keep itself alive.
Calvinism has no interest in negatives, as such; When Calvinists fight, they fight for positive Evangelical values.
The negative cast on the “five points” is misleading chiefly with regard to the third (limited atonement,or particular redemption), which is often read with stress on the adjective and taken as indicating that Calvinists have a special interest in confining the limits of divine mercy. But in fact the purpose of this phraseology, as we shall see, is to safeguard the central affirmation of the gospel–that Christ is a Redeemer who really does redeem.
Similarly, the denials of an election that is conditional and of a grace that is resistible, are intended to safeguard the positive truth that it is God Who saves.
The real negations are those of Arminianism, which denies that election, redemption,and calling are saving of God. Calvinism negates these negations in order to assert the positive content of the gospel, for the positive purpose of strengthening faith and building up the church.
In other words Calvinism builds and strengthens, where Arminianism weakens tears down.


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